Are you passionate about the value your business brings to the market?

Do you deliver premium service that deserves more attention?

Are you facing some unexpected struggles having to sell in order to grow your business?

Do you ever feel busy, overwhelmed, rushed, lost, stressed, alone, or unaware

of the tools and processes needed to grow the way you always dreamed?

Now is the time to shake these feelings by adding clarity to start GROWING with Kassner Keen’s growth10 group focused on delivering a comprehensive understanding of the sales and marketing worlds with additional guidance and mastermind sessions designed to help you build and implement your own, custom sales & marketing processes!

League Structure

  • Games (weekly, 60-minute, virtual group sessions over Zoom): Each game will last two weeks, so we will start a new game every other week. This will ensure our ability to learn the material in week 1 and identify productive ways to adapt each lesson to make it our own in week 2. Driving REAL impact to the ways we grow our businesses. Each game will have its own focus to further develop you and your business’s growth efforts as outlined in the game schedule below.
    • Week 1 – Film Room: A Keen professional or Guest Star will facilitate a weekly session.
    • Week 2 – Practice: We are going to put everything we learned in the film room to work on the field. Implementing each component and tactic with the group to find the most natural way to ensure sustainable success.
  • Scrimmage (one-on-one coaching): This is our one-on-one time to make sure you are able to implement EVERYTHING you are learning through the film room and practice sessions to build out your own custom sales processes and resources. Choose your time to spend up to 30-minutes with your coach every month. Use it or lose it style.
  • Gametime: Live-action, GROWING your business with your ideal customers!!!

League Participants

  • Coach: Lead Facilitator
  • Teammates: Ambitious Entrepreneurs and Business Development professionals
  • MVT: Most Valuable Teammate of each game
  • Guest Stars: Subject Matter Experts making guest appearances when appropriate

Oh yeah, you will also receive access to a national network of subject matter experts covering anything and everything business through weekly guest speakers, webinars, workshops, newsletters, and emails!

Sneak peek at EGLs game schedule:

“My growth10 experience has helped me double sales, become more profitable, and make better decisions.”
Matt Walsh, Founder – Blue Signal