What People Say About Us

As a Sales Leader/Manager there are several skills that are a “must have”. Ryan possesses two of my favorites: The ability to see the potential in a candidate. Sometimes people don’t look good on paper, but have the will and desire to be great. Leaders have to be able to see the possibilities in a hire.

Whether you have a little or a lot of talent on your team you have to know how to bring out the best in people. Ryan understands how to develop skills that make his people successful. To make them better then their best. I could go on about other skills, but if you give me a Leader that has my big TWO I will show you someone that can lead any of my teams with great success.

Ralph Myers – Entrepreneur / Managing Partner

MIS Solutions has had the pleasure of working with KassnerKeen for over six months. Ryan has gone above and beyond and delivered an excellent product to our Team. He has assisted MIS in areas such as focusing sales and streamlining our progress throughout our different teams. Furthermore, Ryan has a diverse network of businesses he works with that aid him in providing next level service. If you are in need of help achieving greatness with your sales, I highly recommend Ryan and his services with KassnerKeen.

Jason – Vice President

As a sales captain for our team, Ryan WAS the reason for our success. I was the operations manager at the time and his consistent sales kept my team working and profitable. He kept one eye on our capabilities and operations and the other on the market, ensuring that he could close deals right on time and set expectations that we could meet and exceed for our customers. His business acumen, overall strategy, and (most importantly) skills to find and close good business were why we saw the success that we did. Ryan is a caring, capable, business mind that I would put on any team. I simply couldn’t recommend him any more highly.

Michael Luallen – Business Advisory Manager

Ryan, you’re such a driven individual, you have so much heart and desire to exceed expectations! I loved working with you directly and have enjoyed seeing your hard work pay off in your quick promotions!! I have nothing but wonderful thoughts of you and have no doubt you’ll succeed in anything you do!! I admire your leadership in even talking with me about being a leader and taking that next step into management! You’re a great person, you have passion and you’re a great motivator! Good luck in your new adventure!

Lyndsey Tschuor – Accounting Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan for about a year and a half and learned a lot from him. His preparation and attention to detail involving Sales are second to none. While teaming up with Ryan on some joint business appointments I was able to adopt some of these skills and it, therefore, made me a better Salesman. I know that Ryan will be successful in his new role because of this and wish him the best!

Rashad Boggs – Mortgage Supervisor

I have known Ryan for many years. We were both members of Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity in college, for which Ryan served as President. I have seen firsthand Ryan’s passion and drive, which inevitably take him to the top of his pursuits both professionally and recreationally. Ryan is dependable, compassionate, intelligent, loyal, and motivated.

He is a natural-born leader. His likability and genuine concern for others make him an asset in any sales and front-of-house roles; while his leadership, organization, and analytical skills make him an operational asset as well. Ryan would certainly be an asset to any business and/ or team.

Lawrence Demasi, CTFA – VP Personal Trust

I have known Ryan for the past six years. From the first time I met him, he immediately struck me as a leader and someone I could trust. Not knowing very many people in a new city and starting at a new company presented new challenges for me. Ryan took me under his wing and helped to show me the ropes. He demonstrated this because he could see that I was someone that needed help, and not because he was told to. That is the kind of leadership that you look for. I appreciate Ryan for helping to bring me up to speed and making me feel welcome.

For that reason, I would recommend Ryan to anyone looking for help or looking to collaborate. He will give you an honest answer, help where he can, and refer you to someone if he can’t. There’s not much more you can ask for in a person, in my opinion. Thanks, Ryan.

Tyler Neff – Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Ryan is a dedicated and passionate leader that strives to exceed expectations. He is driven to not only succeed himself, but to put anyone around him in a position to succeed as well. In my time working with him, I learned that he is direct, decisive and energetic. I highly recommend Ryan as a Supervisor or Employee for any business. I believe that having Ryan work for you in any capacity will benefit your organization.

Jeff Davidson – Operations Manager

I attended a training session Ryan facilitated, and it was so helpful! I loved hearing his story and real-life example of his sales techniques. He is incredibly talented, and such a great teacher. I was able to use a few of his sales approaches and incorporate them into a presentation I was doing just a few days later. It was great!

Tricia Prues – Agency Owner

Ryan has been a champion for me since starting my technology business in just the past few months. He has taken time to meet with me and advise me on my approach to marketing and sales and how to develop and improve my brand. He is focused on serving and helping others in the business sector to increase their client base by effectively knowing who they are and how to communicate their services. He helps to build confidence in business owners who are service focused and may need some help in the sales arena and he is very good at what he does! I am grateful to have Ryan on my side.

Sara Kimberlin – MSP Owner

Ryan’s sales knowledge and expertise are world class! I’ve known Ryan for just a few short months being in the same networking group. The value I’ve received from comments made during meetings as well as in depth conversations during 1:1 is immeasurable. Ryan is willing to share his expertise to help make you a better business owner, entrepreneur, and/or sales expert. He knows what he’s talking about and he delivers it with a down-to-earth approach that resonates so deeply. If you’re looking to optimize your sales processes and conversations, get in touch with Ryan.

Lauren Ammon – Performance Coach

Ryan is a huge help in getting you on the path to success. He truly cares about his clients and is creative with solutions that work!

Don Boling – Home Services Owner

Ryan Kassner … where to start?!

He is a tireless servant leader to his clients, his colleagues, his family, his friends, and as a leader in the H7 community. once a numbers guy and now a decorated sales professional. Though you won’t learn that about him without some digging because he is increadibly humble.

Ryan has extaordinary professional presence and is backed up by deep sales knowledge and the hear of a teacher that wants to raise the sales IQ average for each professional that he works with.

He coaches on complex sales topics to varied industry professionals, sometimes at all at once via group sales coaching. He does a great job of listenting and asking questions of the professional needing the sales coaching. Then, he takes what would be a complex or overwhelming sales topic that is applicable to their growht, based on what he has learned from their conversation, and breaks it down into easily understandable, bite-sized pieces that are meaninful to the needs of that professional.

Ryan is a force-multiplier for professionals wanting to up their sales game.

Nicholas Saller – Strategic Advisor

Ryan is driven, intelligent, genuine, and a great partner to work with! Ryan has always acted with care and urgency, and I would recommend working with him on any project as he is a fantastic listener and teammate.

Kara Howard – Talen Acquisition Manager

I have known Ryan for over 2 years. Ryan is passionate and loyal about his family, business owners and their employees. He is a “mover and a shaker” – when he says he is going to do something – he does it. Ryan thank you for being a great listener, asking tough questions, and giving thoughts and ideas when I needed to bounce a circumstance off someone. You a natural born leader and will do amazing things to serve people and the business community

Lisa Thamann – Member Engagement Manager

What’s the most important skill in sales? Prospecting? No. Qualifying? Nope. Pipeline management? Still no. CRM mastery! No. Bonding and rapport? Not quite. Negotiating! Nein. Finding pain? No. Finding the decision maker! Not yet. Oh, asking questions, it has to be asking good questions!! All important but not the most important. Ergh, what is it then?? Ready to give up? The most important skill in sales is serving others. If you can help somebody reach their own goals and live a better life you are a master at sales. Ryan possesses all of these skills and more. He’s a relationship builder, problem solver, and leader. His clients grow revenue and live better lives. Don’t believe me? Ask around.

Nick Smith – Director of Sales & Marketing

Ryan has some excellent suggestions for business owners looking to scale, grow, and become more helpful to their communities through ramping up a successful sales strategy. If you are a business owner I 100% recommend having a conversation with Ryan. You’ll learn something!

Rebecca McCusker – Agency Owner