Frequently Asked Questions

How much involvement will be asked of me?

As little or as much as you desire, it is completely up to you! It is ideal for you to remain in the driver seat of your business, so we will make recommendations on which tasks should be performed for the best results. We can either prepare a plan, with material, that you and your team can follow, or if preferred, we will happily run with everything to optimize your teams continuous performance.

How long will I need these services?

This will vary by the needs of your business and your sales team. Some organizational structures will only require our initial analysis and process development/improvement, while others will require ongoing maintenance through our fractional leadership services. Our time will be front-loaded with the initial analysis and process development/implementation. Then our time and your expense will decrease significantly as we enter the ongoing management phase of our collaboration.

When will I start to see results?

Turn around time varies by industry and our clients’ sales position upon initiation of our collaboration. Some will see results immediately following the initial analysis phase, while others will require an extensive overhaul. Proper expectations will be set for you once the initial analysis is complete.

Will I receive progress reports?

Yes, we will need to meet more frequently toward the beginning of our relationship to communicate strategy and the steps we are taking to achieve desired results so progress reports will be more frequent. Ongoing progress reports will be provided on an as-needed basis as long as we continue working together.

How will I be invoiced for these services?

We believe that every business, team and owner is in a unique position. We will seek the most mutually beneficial structure for services, and therefore invoicing, as possible. So, this will be discussed, and mutually agreed on, prior to the initiation of our collaboration.

When will I be invoiced for these services?

Each collaboration is designed to be mutually beneficial to both parties, so the invoicing structure is customized for each client at the beginning of each relationship.

Where will my keen professional work?

They will spread their time between your office/operation, with your sales team and Kassner Keen headquarters according to need and the specific tasks to be performed.

When can my team and I meet or speak with our keen professional?

Whenever necessary or desired. Quick phone calls to maintain communication or provide guidance will not be considered billable.